The definition of proactive is serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation, a negative or difficult one; anticipatory.

As you go through your day quietly within yourself, observe yourself and take notes. Are you reacting to the situations in your day or, have you taken a proactive stand in your day. If you are like most people, you are reacting to the different event that you are encountering in your day. This means your life could be based off a reactive approach.

To be reactive is to allow situations to dictate to you what your truth is and then you have to come up with a way to manage a situation that you did not plan for or expect. This person is like the ball on the bumper pool table bouncing around from object to object trying to get to a desired outcome. Hoping that if the objects just move out of the way then I would be OK.

The proactive person also has a desire goal or destination in mind. They are aware of the obstacle and put plans in place for if and when the obstacle or situation pop-up. They are like programer planning the desired outcome of the program, their lives. Like the programmer they put if and where variables in place. If this happens then I will respond this way and when this happens then I will execute this formula.

One person plan his life and the other is just living his life. Life will allow throw you challenges, it is our responsibility to be prepared to respond to the challenges.

About Marlon Martin

Marlon Martin first turned his life over to the care of God in 1987 when he attended an alcohol and drug treatment center. Through his commitment and service to God, he was delivered from a 10 year drug addiction. Equipped with the word of God, Marlon returned to the field of addiction where he was trained as a License Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). He worked as an LCDC at the Austin Recovery Center, while at the same time working as a counselor at Praise Tabernacle where he helped establish their Restoration Recovery Class. He also worked at a non-profit organization, ACTS (Assisting Communities Toward Success) where he was the program director of their counseling center, Soterion. As founder of MK Martin Ministries Inc., Marlon has been working with rural churches by establishing their presence on the internet and teaching the members how to have a greater commitment to the Lord and better service to their local church. Marlon has worked to serve his community for the last 26 years. He has volunteered with public and private facilities such as drug and alcohol treatment centers, local schools, and local prison facilities. In the past 17 years, through preaching and teaching, Marlon has assisted the men at the Travis County Community Justice Center where he has had the privilege of seeing hundreds of men turn their lives over to God. Since then, Marlon has joined forces with the Carl Vance Unit in Sugar Land, TX to assist with a class on marriage through “The InnerChange Freedom Initiative” and has been certified by the State of Texas to work with those who are in the criminal Justice system as a “Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professional”. With his passion for the things of God and through God’s favor, Marlon has truly strengthened the body of Christ.

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